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RACV Vehicle Inspections
Its all about confidence. Your going to make a big purchase you need to know if it is a sound vehicle. We have highly trained staff that make it their business to tell you the truth about the vehicle. We are happy to help people who have seen a vehicle on the internet that they like.It is not easy buying a car you haven't seen. You can trust us.  We know that you often need the vehicle checked out quickly to seal the deal. We make a special effort with vehicle inspections to fit them in as quickly as possible. We can usually get them done the next day.

Do you do onesite tests?

No we don't. We believe there is nothing like checking a car on a hoist. Things can get missed when you are trying to do a Pre Perchase on the ground.

How do I get the vehicle to you Workshop?

The dealer or the owner will be only to happy to drop the vehicle off and pick it up. They are keen to do this because they hope they are about to get a sale.

What happens to the test?

The test is yours. You paid for it. You will be emailed a copy and you will get to speak to the mechanic who performed the test. We do not discuss the results with the person presenting the car. You can use the test to bargian with the seller if you want.

How do I pay for the test?

Usually the tests are paid for with credit card over the phone. You are welcome to direct debit are pay at our offices. However the funds must be cleared before we start the test.

How much do the Pre Purchase Inspections cost?

It varies a lot depending on the type of vehicle and the age and how comprehensive you want to check the vehicle. Best to give us a call and we will give you a price.